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We give you the tools needed to make money IMMEDIATELY! You sell one product, you get paid!
Rowland Hanson - Network Marketing
Rowland explains his views on network marketing and why it plays an important role in the healthcare industry.
Rowland Hanson - The Right Brand
Rowland talks about why he feels our products are available at the right place and right time.

Nexus Commission Plan

Designed to provide monthly income for those that build and train a sales organization. These monthly commissions are paid based on the Personal Volume (PV) of every Associate every month after the first month a service plan is in effect.

Ambassador Bonus Program

The Ambassador Bonus Program is focused on rewarding Ambassadors who enroll customers, and develop organizations that successfully maintain a satisfied customer organization.

VIP CLUB Luxury Allowance

Along with all fast start, monthly residuals and coded bonuses, you will receive a VIP luxury allowance by meeting a few easily reached goals. This allowance can buy you that beautiful new automobile or assist you with your mortgage payment, etc...it's your choice!